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Our stragegy

Micro & networks
Managers, aware of the importance of the performance in business, require more and more often guarantees which are brought by the serious exam of their computer system, serving as base in the development of their products and services (management of their informatic equipment, help desk, networks structures , installation, setting up, display, maintenance).
Because softwares in the business do not answer necessarily your expectations, Exelis proposes you the development of tailored tools : client-server DB, messaging, company solutions, platform of development.
Informatic enginiering
Because the world of networks evolves ceaselessly, Exelis get together with you and brings solutions of the true needs of your organization: audit, consulting, delegation, migration, third applicative maintenance.
New technologies
The emergence of the new technologies has completely modified the information systems inside the firm. Exelis brings you all its knowledge for this kind of projetcs : Intranet, Internet, Extranet, E-business and web services.
Checking reports
After every service, if you wish, Exelis will supply you a file containing the nature of the intervention, the convenior, the modifications realized, the state of the system.